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Medical Illustrations

Our staff of medical illustrators have years

of training and experience preparing medical

exhibits. Using state-of-the-art digital

technologies, our talented illustrators prepare

affordable and accurate customized medical

visuals. Whether we are working from your medical records or with your expert, we can easily translate complicated medical terminology into compelling medical demonstratives. Typical exhibits include:

  • X-ray and MRI Colorizations

  • Medical Overlay Illustrations

  • Surgical Illustrations

  • Injury Progressions

  • Full Body Injury Illustrations

  • Medical Animations

Legal-eze has in-house capabilities to enlarge X-ray and MRI films from 16"x20" up to 36"x48" with digital clarity. Also, our Dicom scanners can produce FDA approved digital replicas of your x-rays for use in PowerPoint and other presentation software.

"The Legal-eze medical illustration professionals do more than create pictures, they help the trial lawyer identify the important parts of the anatomy, help them understand the anatomy's relevance to the injuries suffered, and create images that convincingly tell the client's story in an effective and cost efficient way."

                                                                       Arthur Garcia, Jr., Partner

                                                                  Schiller Kesseler & Gomez

                                                                  Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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