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Multimedia Presentations

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Legal-eze has a full complement of equipment and courtroom technology configuration uniquely suited for trial automation presentations. Incorporating our advanced technologies—including our proprietary Trial Sentinel™ switching system—Legal-eze is able to survey the courtroom and design a custom presentation equipment solution. Legal-eze has a vast inventory of rental equipment in stock which can be dispatched anywhere in the world at a moments notice. We stock at all times (just to name a few):

  • High lumens projectors (capable of producing high quality images in "daylight" environments).

  • 6' x 6', 9' x 9', 12' x 9' and floor mount screens for front or rear projection.

  • Video presenters capable of presenting documents, photographs and x-rays.

  • LCD touch screens and CRT with light pens for markups.

  • Wireless barcode readers.

  • Switching systems which can be configured for up to eight (8) inputs and eight (8) outputs with multiple touch screen support.

  • Wireless microphones and cameras.

  • Various LCD and CRT monitors from 10" to 42" mounted on stands or carts.

  • Powerful multimedia computers capable of holding several hundred hours of video and tens of millions of documents and photographs.

  • Any and all other AV and presentation equipment.

Harnessing technology in the courtroom is important now more then ever. In today's fast paced world with a 24 hour news cycle, dynamic visual graphics everywhere, and the use of social media our population has trended toward visual rather then auditory learning.  Legal-eze has the talent and experience to assist you in showcasing  your evidence whether in court, mediation, or arbitration.  Using tried and true techniques coupled with state-of-the-art technology, Legal-eze can assist you in conveying your themes and evidence to the ultimate decision makers.  Whether you have one-hundred documents or a million,  you will have all your evidence available at a touch of the button.  Our multimedia presentations typically include:

  • Documents

  • Photographs

  • Deposition testimony

  • Medical illustrations

  • Any other digital file

Once we have built your database, any one of these elements can be called up and displayed, enlarged, highlighted and presented interactively.

Whatever your technology needs, Legal-eze identifies the best solution and manages every detail to ensure your presentation is flawlessly prepared and expertly presented. Our technicians have thousands of trial days under their belt and have mastered the use of industry standard software packages.  You will find our experience to be second to none!

"As Senior Trial Counsel for Morgan & Morgan, I live in courtrooms. I have had plenty of trial support groups do their jobs well. Legal-eze does something more than just their jobs, their presence actually makes me better. With them there your chances of winning will be better too."


 Keith R. Mitnik

Senior Trial Counsel

Morgan & Morgan

Orlando, FL

Courtroom Equipment


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